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In the footsteps

the ancient Romans

Do you like legends? We have a very interesting one for you here!
Curiously, the daughter of Emperor Theodosius, Gala Placidia, departed Constantinople for Rome on a mission to free her son from captivity in Ravenna.
At that time, her older brother was on his deathbed but managed to instruct the warriors what to do to secure their victory and release his nephew. His words to the soldiers were: “Go! Many, many days will pass, you will pass through Augusta Trajana (Stara Zagora), then through Philippopol (Plovdiv) and before reaching Serdika (Sofia), turn south. There, at the foot of three mountains and along the Palakaria River, you will find a paradise place with miraculous water! Stay a few days, take a break, dive into the healing springs, gather strength and take one amphora with this miraculous water. In this way, you will strengthen your health, gather strength and your endeavor will reap certain success.
The soldiers followed the instructions exactly and all went well. They managed to reach Ravenna, released the son of Gala Placidia, and not long after declared him Emperor, the miraculous place began to attract many different visitors.
As you might guess, the “paradise place with miraculous water” is the village of Belchin. The legend would have remained only such if the archaeologists had not found a coin with its face on the hill above Belchin. And there is nothing better and more real than turning legends into a reality.